Below are links and information about some of the ways in which libraries are promoting, sharing, exploring and programming with podcasts for kids. The list is primarily focused on kids under 14; however, many libraries are engaged in forms of HOMAGO for teens, which often times includes audio/podcast production, but while this list does include links to a few of those programs, the intent is to highlight the ways libraries are connecting younger kids to podcasts. If your library is promoting or programming with kidcasts, let us know!

Kidcast Discovery & Engagement - Websites, embedded content, Programs



  • Los Angeles Public Library


D.C. Public Library

National Book Festival -




  • Acton Memorial Library - Youth Resource page including kidcast links and a downloadable brochure about kidcasts and recommended listening

  • Amesbury Public Library - Recommended podcasts for kids and families. Information provided about podcasts and where families can find more through Kids Listen and Podcast Land.

  • Chelmsford Public Library - Great podcasts for kids recommendations and information about podcasts


New Hampshire

  • Sandown Public Library - Kidcast recommendations with links to podcast feed. They provide a disclaimer about the content on their listing.

New Jersey

New York



New York

  • Brooklyn Public Library - Brooklyn Incubator Audio Projects - patrons learn to record and edit their own audio stories, various proposals such as Hear Me Out and Hearing Brooklyn are great examples.


Metro Nashville Public Schools - Podcast resources complied to share with students, including information on 'what is a podcast' and links to a variety of shows.


  • Seattle Public Library - they host a Library Podcast page with links to an audio archive of library programs. They also have staff picks. (for grownups...nice organization and layout, would be great to see kids programs/audio in this format)

  • Seattle Public Library - when sharing resources on a topic, SPL is including links to podcasters who provide educational content or activities along with their podcast, on this page it's a link to Tumble's The People of the Snow episode.

U.S. Kidcasters Performing in Public Libraries

Kidcasters are eager and interested in connecting with libraries around the country. Many shows would love to provide programming for public libraries, but they can also find it difficult to figuring out who to communicate with, or how best to connect and share what they do with kids and families. Below is a list of podcasts who have performed in public libraries in some form or fashion, whether as part of a book fest, literary panel, children's festival, summer reading, or open programming. If you are looking to offer podcast programming to your communities, feel free to reach out to one of these shows to learn more about ways to engage or reach out to a kidcaster near you and invite them to be a part of your celebration, event or program...

Book Club for Kids (California)

Timestorm (New Jersey)

Ear Snacks (California)

Buttons & Figs (Arizona)

Children's Hour (New Mexico)

Brains On/Smash Boom Best/Julie's Library/etc (Minnesota/California)

Circle Round (Massachusetts)

The Past & The Curious (Kentucky)

Finn Caspian (Illinois)

April 8 Songs & Stories (Ohio)

Imagine Neighborhood (Various States/Chicago/New York)

Story Seeds (New York)

Public Library Podcasts (for Librarians)