Anne stays attune to the library world and Pamela stays attune to the podcast world. Together they make a dynamic duo by listening to and fro! They began working together in 2016 when they collaborated on a kidcast program at the Oak Park Public Library and they haven't stopped talking, listening, writing and sharing information about podcasts for kids.

If you'd like to join us in conversation, send us an email, we'd love to listen to you: wobble@listentoandfro.com

Anne Bensfield

Anne Bensfield works with schools and libraries to help them integrate digital resources that fit their communities’ needs. She is committed to listening widely to amplify kids’ voices and curating kidscasts, also know as podcasts for kids, with the help of other kidcasters and librarians that offer diverse perspectives. Anne enjoys co-writing articles for School Library Journal and talking about kidcasts everywhere she goes. anne@listentoandfro.com

Pamela Rogers

Pamela Rogers reads, writes, and recommends literary nonsense to kids on a podcast she calls Buttons & Figs. She is passionate about inspiring kids to express themselves through wordplay and amplifying their creativity for her show. She is a librarian who actively promotes kidcasts within the world of libraries and is a member of Kids Listen, a collaborative of kidcasters who promote high-quality audio for kids. She believes audio, in all of its forms, has the power to move mountains. pamela@listentoandfro.com